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Welcome to the enchanting and pristine escapades endorsed and managed by LetzStepOut. We go with the exclusiveness of the place where one can explore the untouched nature at its best. Isolated from the busy concrete jungle, our getaways pave way for a perfect holiday in the midst of green valleys and besides murmuring rivers. Experience it to believe it!!!
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Kavale Retreat

    Kavale Retreat – named after a famous fort Kavaledurga which is located near Thirthahalli, Shimoga. It is a perfect getaway for nature lovers and people who love to explore ancient treasures in the midst of lush green western ghats. The getaway is located close to Thirthahalli, which lies on the bank of the river Tunga.

    Kavale Retreat is a seamless eco-friendly getaway where you can relax in the arms of Mother Nature and experience some adventure activities along with the mouthwatering delicacies of Malnad.

    Kavaledurga also called as Bhuvanagiri is a 9th century fort which is hemmed by ruminate forest and beautiful Tunga river. One can witness this beautiful fort with a guide as part of the activity conducted by Kavale Retreat. Apart from this, there is also lot more fun activities like playing in varahi back water with life jacket, Kundadri hill top visit and enjoy stroll side by bhemanakatte tunga river on a sandy floor. One of the major attractions of Thirthahalli is Agumbe and RastraKavi Kumvempu museum. Guest visting Kavale Retreat will be guided to Jogigundi water falls in Agumbe and Kuvempu museum as well.

    Kavale Retreat is one of the ideally weekend getaways which suits best for team and family outing.


    1 day 1 night(24 hours)
    Tariff: Multiple Sharing: Rs 2200/person
            (Includes - accommodation, all meals and activities)

    Customized packages

    The package mentioned here is for information purpose. Feel free to talk to us for your customized requirements for which we are happy to assist. Please remember that this is not a hotel but a Home stay. Please check with us for extended stay tariffs and get attractive discounts.


    o    guided trek to Kavaledurga Fort.
    o    play in varahi backwater with life jackets.
    o    kundadri hill top visit.
    o    stroll through sandy shores of Bhemanakatte tunga river.
    o    short trek to the jogigundi water falls.
    o    visit to barkana falls
    o    camp fire setup.
    o    outdoor games.
    o    camping


    Mentioned above are list of all the activities that can be done in Kavale Retreat. Depending on the duration of your stay the activities will be planned. Please do remember that all activities cannot be conducted in one day.

    Note: As we take you to these remote locations, we hire local 4x4 drive jeeps (as a part of the package and this helps those jeep drivers to get a regular income to support their families) as other normal vehicles are not accessible in these roads. For this purpose we expect a minimum group size of 8 members. We would love to have smaller size groups and couples to visit our getaways, but we request you to bear the Jeep charges when your group size is less than 8 members.

    How much time does it take to reach Kavale Retreat from Bangalore?

    Depending on the drive it should take anywhere between 6 to 7 hrs from bangalore.

    What is the best season to visit Kavale Retreat?

    Kavale Retreat is good to visit all-round the year. Summer season is best to witness the sun set on the hills, take a cold dip in the Tunga River, Stand for hours under a cascading waterfalls and camp besides the river bed. Monsoon is the best season to view lush green forest, with rains lashing through thick forest everything is green and absolute bliss. Winter season gives you mix of both the summer and rainy season. All in all if you know what to expect in each season, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

    What Kind of food is served in Kavale Retreat?

    Traditional Malnad style unlimited buffet is served for all meals. Both veg and non-veg delicacies are provided for lunch and dinner. Coffee/Tea/Milk is served twice a day. If you require anything apart from the normal meals, please inform us 4 hours prior to the time, as we will have to travel at least 10 kms to arrange for the same.

    Are there any restrictions on Liquor consumption?

    There are no restrictions on consumption of liquor and other beverages as long as things are under control and no damage is caused to the property and people. We believe that every team that comes to our place will understand and respect other team's privacy.

    Is loud music permitted during campfire?

    As we are in a remote place, we are strictly advised by the local forest authorities not to play loud music. We however encourage you to play light music from your mobile phones or even better if you can sing as a group. We sincerely request you to refrain from opting for loud music in any remote places as this will totally spoil the nature of that place and create serious problems for the local households nearby and also to living creatures in the Jungle.

    Should we be scared about leech bites?

    With rain you will find some leeches. There is absolutely no reason to panic. A leech bite does not pain nor will it cause any allergies or septic. If they are found in abundance we will take adequate measures (by applying homemade medicines) for your safety.

    How about power supply?

    We do have power connection to our places and also have backup generators for uninterrupted power supply; however there might be power cuts sometimes due to uncontrollable situations.

    Why do you charge additionally for Jeep charges to visit the trekking points when you claim it to be a part of the package?

    As we take you to these remote locations, we hire local 4x4 drive jeeps (as a part of the package   and this helps those jeep drivers to get a regular income to support their families) as other normal vehicles are not accessible in these roads. For this purpose we expect a minimum group size of 8 members. We would love to have smaller size groups and couples to visit our getaways, but we request you to bear the Jeep charges when your group size is less than 8 members.

    Are other teams combined in activities?

    As long as your team size is at least 8 members we do not conduct any activities combining two teams (unless both the teams are fine with it, good to know new people). Even camp fire in the evening is setup separately for each team.

    What should I bring essentially?

    o Light clothes (that can dry up quickly), warm clothes, rain coats, sun glasses, hats and umbrellas.
    o If you are coming in a rainy season then we would recommend you to come with strap sandals that are tough enough for trekking and other adventurous activities.
    o Cameras to capture the true memories.
    o The route maps/guides and the contact details.
    o Polythene bags to carry wet clothes (but please don't litter).
    o BSNL is the most reliable network in the Western Ghats. Kindly carry a SIM if available.
    o Binoculars for bird watching
    o Cosmetics you need
    o Prescription medicines, if any

    Kavale Retreat, what can I say about this hidden gem. Completely different experience from all other places of LSO. Hats off for hospitality and giving us an opputuinity to expereince nature upclose. Keep up the great work and will be back soon.
    Suresh Sahu, Target Corporation
    This was one of the best trips we had been to. Totally cut off from the outside world . The trek to the kavale fort was awesome and what any ancient treasure. Thanks for the hospitality requires a special mention, thanks to staff for making us feel at home.
    Ruhi, E&Y, Bangalore

    Routemap not added for this Getaways!

    Responsible Travel:

    1. We promote eco- tourism hence request you not to leave behind non-biodegradable waste.

    2. Refrain from littering unwanted items around the property.

    3. Kindly use designated waste bins in our property and dust bins in our cottages for disposing unwanted items.

    4. Filtered water is available at our property, hot drinking water will also be provided on request. Please avoid using multiple bottles of mineral water by carrying a good quality water bottle.

    5. We serve traditional Malnad dishes and maintain a hygienic kitchen. A prior intimation is highly appreciated in case of minor modifications to the food served.

    6. Do not carry valuable things during your trip unless they are really necessary.

    7. We take adequate measures to prevent forest fires and exercise caution while lighting camp-fires. Request our customers to help us maintain the decorum of nature.

    8. With reference to the instruction from local forest authorities, playing of loud music is prohibited. However please feel free to bond with family and friends by singing together.

    10. Pristine waterfalls of our properties once downstream are used by locals from surrounding villages. Kindly refrain from use of chemical substances (soap, shampoo, hand wash etc.) that pollute the water flowing downstream.

    11. We request you to respect the cultural sensitivity of local population. Please ensure your demeanor is not offensive to native populace.

    12. Consumption of alcohol and use of toxic substances is not advisable in the vicinity of villages. Having said that, you may do so in the designated places within our property.

    13. Seek permission before photographing people, so as to respect their privacy.

    14. Do not pluck any plants & flowers, and do not disturb the wildlife.

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    About Letz Step Out

    LSO is committed to promote eco-tourism which helps in improving the local economy as well as provide an opportunity for the urban crowd to escape from hectic city life. Unique|Remote|Adventure, Our vision can be summarized with these three words. We would like to offer you a unique holiday experience in a remote untouched location where you can do adventurous activities with at most safety. What started as one remote getaway under Escape2Ghats 5 years ago, is now spread out in different locations. All these remote getaways have become a brand in themselves for the unique experience they provide to an enthusiastic traveller. We are a group of people from various backgrounds who have come together to portray the true beauty of Nature. It is a true amalgamation of Working professionals, estate owners and local expertise who know the nook and corner of these remote places.